Semi-custom cabinets

With Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Semi Custom

Dura Supreme CABINETRY

Designing your new Dura Supreme kitchen will be an exciting, yet complex process. Fortunately, our designers guide you through the entire remodeling process – from the selection of the kitchen layout that will be perfect for you and your family, to the installation. 

Semi Custom

Why Dura Supreme? Choosing semi-custom

We are proud to offer semi-custom options! We realize that a fully-customized space isn’t in everyone’s budget or timeframe. Therefore, we partner with Dura Supreme, a provider of high-quality, semi-custom cabinetry, which offers an impressive portfolio of door styles, storage cabinets and more– giving you the flexibility to choose the features and value that are right for you. 

Maximize your
storage space.

The key to a well-designed kitchen is not necessarily what you see on the outside. Although the external details will certainly garner admiration from family and friends, it will be the internal accessories that make you appreciate your space day-after-day.  Your kitchen will simply perform better with specific accessories for tray storage, pantry goods, cleaning supplies, kitchen towels, trash and recycling bins.

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